“Marketing” Darcy Lefebvre is a marketing consultant with RP Copywriting.

“Marketing” Darcy Lefebvre is a marketing consultant with RP Copywriting.

Darcy Lefebvre, RP Copywriting

Content marketing and lead generation campaigns that deliver a steady stream of qualified leads and a significant return on investment over the long term are the holy grail of online marketing.

But what if you don’t have the budget, patience or cash flow to invest in a long-term content marketing strategy, no matter how handsome the ROI? Here are three one-off marketing investments you should consider:

  1. Website copywriting

High quality, well-researched content is your top online asset when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Adding popular key phrases that people are using to search for products and services like yours can vastly improve your online traffic. And if your web copy is written well, it will help convert all that traffic into leads and sales!

  1. Media Releases

Getting in the paper isn’t easy, but when you do the results can be hugely rewarding! But don’t take my word for it . . . here’s what some of our media release clients have said:

“One media release = 21 new clients in the first week!” -J. Spencer

“I suspected the release announcing my KICK class ran in the paper today when half a dozen people called by noon!!”  -C. Martens

“The day after our media release hit the local papers, the customers all of a sudden came in droves. We recorded our most successful day yet, and we established relationships with a lot of new customers.” –H. McWilliam

Not sure how to write or submit a media release that gets results? We have a fantastic success rate, and we even offer a guarantee that your local release will be picked up by the media – just ask me about it!

  1. Lead generating content

Give potential customers a reason to give you their contact info when they land on your website. Offering a “free resource guide,” “tip sheet” or even a small e-book can grow your subscriber list significantly with qualified leads. When combined with a professionally designed drip (autoresponder) campaign, you’ll have a super-slippery lead funnel that keeps new business sliding right into your lap! (Again, ask me how we can help you make this happen.)

Darcy Lefebvre is a marketing and communications consultant with RP Copywriting. He can be reached at darcy@rpcopywriting.com or 250.897.5450.

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