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Using technology, we can easily perform tasks that used to take significant effort to complete. Of course, that depends on the technology working correctly and customer service/support that can assist with problems and the inevitable learning curve of new technology. 

Two recent examples of customer service/support: 

  1. My wife upgraded her phone to a much newer model. A significant feature wouldn’t work. First the inevitable phone trees. You know, the ‘enter your party’s 4-digit extension if you know it.’ Or, ‘’Thank you for your call. We are experiencing higher than expected call volumes. Your call is important to us. Wait time is approximately 17 minutes. Please hold, or punch in your 10-digit…’. We wish the wait was 15 or 30 minutes. It took three one-hour sessions. Not to mention time in between. All to find out it will not support a feature important to my better half. Apparently, it says so… on an obscure part of their website. You’d think the customer service/support team would know this without taking three hours of our time.
  2. Then we tried to upload photos to a web site and order prints. The instructions on the host web site don’t work! Phoning the company gets us a knowledgeable person right away.

She quickly tells us the correct procedure and it works. Why didn’t the company publish the correct procedure on their web site? Our support person doesn’t know that answer. 

Here are a few suggestions to improve your customers’ experience: 

  • Train your staff on how your customers’ use your products in their environment so they can quickly understand how to solve common frustrating problems.
  • Ensure your staff don’t belittle your customers’ “dumb” questions. There are no “dumb” questions from a customer.
  • Don’t use phone trees, customer’s like to quickly talk to a live person and most hate phone trees.

In our business, we often see people being frustrated with “consumer” Multi-Function Printers. Sometimes it’s a driver. Sometimes it’s the ink. Sometimes, it’s a mystery. Problems especially arise when these multi-functions are used very heavily for printing or scanning. We frequently replace a heavily used “consumer” MFP with a “commercial” grade heavy duty MFP eliminating frustration and reducing total monthly cost. 

AGS Business Systems has been providing office technology to Vancouver Island customers since 1976. Don Linder can be reached at 250.871.0116 or 

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