Inspiring others
Karen McKinnon, McKinnon Photography

Karen McKinnon

Photographer extraordinaire Karen McKinnon believes in treating others just as you would like to be treated – and this principle, simply, is one of her keys to her success.

“It has allowed me to connect with my clients with compassion and enthusiasm, and thus bring out the best in them,” said Karen, adding that the camera is but a small part of her success.

As well as building a commercial, portrait and boudoir photography business, Karen has taken an active role in many not-for profit organisations, been an educator and a mentor to many photographers, youth and entrepreneurs.

“Leadership is about inspiring others, about building them up and empowering them,” she added. “While it can happen when we are in official leadership roles, I think it is equally powerful when it happens with organic connections. We have so many opportunities to bring each other up.”

McKinnon Photography was the recipient of the Small Business of the year Award in 2008, and office manager Christine Morgan was a finalist for Customer Service in 2013. This year, Karen McKinnon was also nominated for Customer Service.


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