Always in your corner
Jonny Mac, Comox Valley Boxing Club

Being nominated would put a spring in any entrepreneur’s step, but Comox Valley Boxing Club owner Jonny Mac doesn’t do it for the recognition. “Tooting my horn is not my favourite thing to do, he says. “I do it because I can and it makes me feel good to help others.” He takes pride in having a business that is community orientated, and regularly gives back to people in need. Jonny sponsors an after-school program and also offers free classes for people struggling with Parkinson’s and obesity.

Piggy, who recently passed away, was the club mascot for 10 years. “She helped many people feel comfortable in such an intimidating place,” he explains. “Not all people that walk through my doors want to compete. Most people are scared or insecure. Even the toughest person warms up to a belly rub and bit of nurturing.”


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