Going beyond expectations
Level 10 Eurospa

Leanne Boyd, Level 10 Eurospa

Level 10 Eurospa is honoured to have received CVCC Business of the Year 2014, Vancouver Island Retail Business of the Year 2016 – and now, a nomination for environmental stewardship.

Through a partnership with Green Circle, the salon’s waste; all hair, foils, colour tubes, papers, plastics, glass, spa waste and excess chemicals are recycled or re purposed in an environmentally responsible way. “Nothing remains but compost,” says owner Leanne Boyd. “Since joining in 2014, we have diverted 2,647 lbs of waste from our landfills and waterways.”

It’s an approach both eco-friendly and appealing – clients love knowing their hair clippings are going to soak up an oil spill and excess hair colour is not going down the drain. “The response to our green initiatives has been overwhelmingly positive,” adds Leanne.


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