Lisa Graham, Seadance Photograph

Lisa Graham, Seadance Photograph

A brand is the personality of your company or product created by the touch-points between it and the world. Good branding is trustworthy. It should be consistent and make people feel at ease and confident that your brand is the right choice.

It’s ironic! Right now corporations are busy putting a personal face on their business while small businesses are trying to look corporate. Corporations are searching for “un-stocky” stock images because they want images that look authentic for their brand, images that their clients can easily relate to. This is where small businesses have the advantage! All a small business needs to do is create a portfolio of images that allows their client to see an intimate view of their brand and as a result, create an authentic connection.

That old adage “You get what you pay for” applies to images as well. A beautiful image listed on a stock site stands out and is quickly selected. Even though the image is technically good, it may actually be turning people off. Who is that toothy woman with the white smile wearing the headset? Does she work for your company? Not a chance! The image is cliché and says nothing about your company. It is even possible that your customer has seen that very girl before, maybe even on a competitor’s site, because your competitor uses the same stock agency as you and has the same good taste in stock photography as you!

Your customers want to see the real you. When you choose not to show the real you, you may be setting off a little flag off in the back of the viewer’s head, asking the question: “What is this business hiding?” Imagine if a dating site allowed clients to use stock images of people that looked similar to them instead of a real image. You are wooing your client in a similar way. The more authenticity you offer, the stronger the connection.

If you had an employee who wasn’t doing what you asked of them would you keep them around? Of course not! Your images should be working for you, why settle for “good enough” in today’s world of visual overstimulation? Custom images elevate your business and capture attention much quicker than a line of text and are more easily read. Maximize your advertising budget by blending them with some carefully curated stock photographs and put them to work for you.

Call us to learn more about how to grow your business by using quality images that maximize your visual presence. Don’t be shy, consultations are complimentary!

Lisa Graham is a professional photographer and the owner of Seadance Photography. She can be reached at, 250.941.7774 or online at

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