Lonnie Tkach – Owner, Anytime Fitness Campbell River

The Bottom Line Series by Lonnie Tkach 

One Thing We Can All Do Better in 2018 

As we look at the year ahead of us, and consider what our fortunes will be in business this year, what is one way that we could make the most significant positive difference in 2018? 

The answer to that question lies within each of us – it is in the questions we ask ourselves. Let me state this in different words – the quality of our questions determines our destiny. If we want to take our business to the next level, we need to start asking next level questions. For example, instead of asking yourself, “Why do my employees only put in a minimum effort?”, you could ask yourself different questions, like: 

  • “What is a more fun and exciting way to communicate with my team?” 
  • “What are other things I could do differently to create more engagement in all of us?” 
  • “How could I do a better job of showing each team member the difference their job makes for other people in the company, and for our customers?” 

There’s an old saying: “You get what you ask for.” Have you ever noticed how “whiners,” you know, the people around you who are always repeating their hard luck stories, are always asking, “Why? Why is this happening to me?” When you ask yourself a “whiner” level question, your brain will give you “whiner” level responses, which will keep you operating at the level of a “whiner.” And, predictably, you will get more of the same in 2018. 

Asking next level questions is an exciting skill all of us can work on. Keep reaching for better and better questions. When you start getting answers to a higher quality question, you will see that you are moving to higher quality ways of relating, higher quality ways of doing business and higher quality results. And don’t stop after impressing yourself with one or two quality questions; get yourself on a roll, step up your game, and make a point of doing it right from the start of every day. In every meeting, listen carefully to what others are saying, and then formulate high quality questions to ask of them and of yourself. In everything you do, ask yourself better questions, followed up by more better questions. More better just works in that last sentence, so please stay with me…. 

  • When you are making a team decision, one question you might ask yourself and others in the meeting is, “Who is impacted by this situation?” 
  • When you are having a business strategy meeting, one question you might ask is, “What is our greatest desire?” or “What do we want to create?” 
  • When you are trying to arrive at an agreement amongst team members, or in a negotiation, you might ask, “What can we do to merge our ideas?” or “What alternatives would work?” 
  • When you are working on solving a problem, you might ask, “What’s another side we haven’t yet considered?” or “What alternatives would work?” 

The power of questions is unlimited. The questions you are asking yourself will change the direction of your life, they will change the quality of your life, they will change your destiny. 

The bottom line…. What level of questions will you be asking in 2018? 

Lonnie Tkach is the owner of Anytime Fitness Campbell River. With over 20 years experience in business, Lonnie has a passion for making positive contributions to other peoples’ lives, including the members and staff at his fitness club, as well as his fellow business owners in our community. 

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