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Mackenzie Gartside, Select Mortgage 

It’s tough finding the right house to buy in the Comox Valley. Luckily, there are mortgage options to help you build your dream home! 

The easiest option is to find a reputable contractor to build a custom house for you to purchase once completed. You provide a deposit (5-10%), and the contractor buys the lot and builds the house you want.  The second option is to hire a contractor but arrange your own construction financing so that you own the land through the whole process. You will, however, need more money from your own resources — typically 20% of the value of the finished property. 

Option 3 is to act as your own general contractor (referred to as owner build). This proceeds much as option 2, except you are responsible for hiring and coordinating all the sub-trades, inspections, etc. Also, be aware you must pass a knowledge exam to be approved as an owner builder (new rule as of July 4, 2016, see the HPO — Homeowner Protection Office — website). To find out more about construction options, book a free mortgage consultation with us and get the facts.  

Mackenzie Gartside is the Lead Consultant at Mackenzie Gartside & Associates — Select Mortgage. Find today’s rates online at or call 250.331.0800 to discover your best mortgage options. 

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