Nicholas Copeland, Comox Valley Dodge

Due to the fact that a vehicle could most likely be the second most significant purchase we make in our lifetime, there must be a reasonable amount of strategy that goes in to the decision making process. In the case of my wife and I, the process lasted approx 1 month. Based on lifestyle, the number of kids and their ages my wife and I were pigeon holed in to either a van or full size SUV, or were we?

Our two youngest children are still in car seats, one forward facing and one rear facing. Our eldest no longer requires a booster seat and needs space to himself, because of this we thought a mini van or an SUV with third row seating was the answer. The mini van would not work because we need 4×4 and the full size SUV when we priced them “new” were pushing us in to an uncomfortable price range.

The part of this story that makes it interesting is the fact that my wife was not sure she wanted a truck. I felt as though she was making valid points, too hard to park, hard on fuel, no place to change the kids in the vehicle, too hard to lift the kids in and out of each and every time. These are issues that rise to the surface when you are parenting a young family. One day I decided to drive a truck home from work and have Angie casually familiarize herself with the vehicle, if she was outside with the kids maybe open the door and sit in it? Smell the new vehicle? Feel the leather wrapped steering wheel? The first meeting she and the Ram 1500 experienced was successful, she liked the amount of space in the vehicle, in fact she thought it was more spacious than our SUV with third row seating. She liked all of the features it came with such as the 8.4” touch screen, heated seats and steering wheel, front and rear sensors and a rear sliding power window.

The second time I brought a vehicle home I pointed out the spray in bed liner, trailer group, including the tow mirrors, electric trailer brake, hitch and wiring, 10 ply tires, upgraded rear suspension, tow hooks and fog lights. That was all fine and good but the features that were most important to my wife ended up being the tremendous amount of space in the back seat, easy access for our eldest son to get in and out, height and safety of the drive, but most importantly, the rear fold up seat with a fold out floor to change our two youngest.

Everything about the Ram 1500 Crew Cab was perfect for our young family. It is the Comox Valley Mini Van! We can pull our trailer, boat, throw the strollers and bags in the back. Mountain bikes, landscaping materials, motorbikes, stinky/wet clothes and shoes, skis, boots, poles and so much more. This really is the perfect vehicle for our family and we could not be happier with our purchase. If you find yourself in a similar situation with an active lifestyle and a bunch of kids do not over look a Crew Cab truck, you might be pleasantly surprised.

A truck may not be the vehicle for you, I understand that. I wanted to share this personal story about my personal vehicle selection process because it goes to show that even someone like me who works in the industry learns new things everyday. If you do not have a professional sales consultant working on your behalf consider me your guy. We can work together, just like my wife and I, to find you the vehicle that works best for you and your family.

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