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Ryan Parton, RP Copywriting 

How do you boost online traffic, generate buzz and give your business the edge it needs to succeed? 

Three words: quality content marketing. Well-written content is your secret weapon to online success. 

If you’re a small business, your website is squaring off against some serious competition. It’s not even just the “David and Goliath” battle against heavy-hitting big brand names — you’re also competing with a plethora of other small businesses. Fortunately, you have your secret weapon. 


Content marketing dominates in cost-effectiveness 

You can try your hand at crafting your own content, but that’s taking a big risk with your online success and it takes time away from your core activities. Effective copywriting is both an art and science, and it can be a tall order for the uninitiated. 

According to a DemandMetric study, 90% of organizations use content marketing, because it costs 62% less than traditional marketing and is more profitable in the long run. 


Can you afford to hire a professional copywriter to produce high quality, polished content? Can you afford not to? 

Quality content boosts SEO 

Marketing Dive reports that 82% of marketers agree that the importance of a good SEO strategy is increasing. 

So how do you improve your site’s rankings? Google has revealed that high-quality content is one of the two most important ranking signals it uses, along with inbound links. 

In fact, online marketing maven Neil Patel recently wrote a killer blog showing why your SEO campaign will fail unless you integrate content marketing. 

What does that mean for your small business? 

The secret to your website’s success is marrying a bit of SEO with killer content marketing in order to conquer your competition. 


Quality content drives conversions 

Climbing the search engine rankings and catching your audience’s attention, of course, is only the first step — you also need to convert those clicks into leads. 

Effective web content is so compelling to consumers because it’s unique, authentic and provides value to your consumers. And it has to sound good — like really good. Professional copywriters are, in effect, expertly trained storytellers who base their tactics upon the tried, tested and true strategies that have been captivating audiences for decades. 

The sleekest layout and most cutting-edge graphic design won’t convince your clients to buy into your brand. The best copywriters will work with you to communicate your company’s narrative and help you cultivate real relationships with your audience. They’ll provide your customers with blogs, articles and other industry insights that enrich their reading experience — never cookie-cutter, keyword-stuffed content that’ll detract from it. 

Professionally written content delivers a powerful K.O. punch in your online marketing attack strategy.  So go ahead, slay those big brand Goliaths — and get your small business ahead of all those other Davids while you’re at it. 


Ryan Parton is the president of RP Copywriting, Vancouver Island’s largest copywriting and content marketing firm. To discuss a content marketing strategy, call 1.877.702.1103 or email ryan@rpcopywriting.com. 

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