Ryan Parton, president of RP Copywriting, says companies who successfully engage in content marketing are being rewarded with impressive” results.

The expression “content is king” has never been more relevant.

Content marketing, the creation and sharing of “non-salesy” online material that’s designed to convey expertise and/or stimulate interest, is the new big thing in online marketing.

“Content marketing works on a number of levels,” explains Ryan Parton, president of Courtenay-based RP Copywriting, the largest copywriting and content marketing firm on Vancouver Island. “People are bombarded with ads these days and we’ve all become really adept at blocking them or tuning them out. What we really want is content that engages and informs, and companies who provide that tend to be rewarded handsomely.”

Marketing Magazine reports that the global spend on content marketing has reached US $145 billion per year, and that figure is expected to more than double to US $315 over the next two years. Most organizations are now incorporating content marketing to some degree, which isn’t surprising given studies that show content marketing costs 62 per cent less than traditional advertising yet generates three times as many leads.

On Vancouver Island, RP Copywriting’s is leading the content marketing charge, with services that combine blog writing, email marketing, website copywriting, media releases, social media and online advertising. The result, says Parton, is that their clients become known as “experts” in their respective industries, and the addition of great online content improves their SEO and drives new targeted traffic to their websites.

In business since 2007, RP Copywriting has experienced rapid growth since shifting its focus to content marketing nearly two years ago. The company recently relocated to a new office in downtown Courtenay and hired a new full-time copywriter, and Parton suggests there may be a need for a fifth staff writer in the not-too-distant future.

“Much of our growth is directly related to the fact that more and more companies are recognizing the importance of content marketing,” he says. “It’s all really exciting, and our clients are seeing great results.”

One such client, Comox Valley Realtor Mike Fisher, backs up Parton’s claim. “I started working with RP Copywriting a couple of years ago,” says Fisher. “Not only have they helped me make an impact with my online presence, I’ve stopped newspaper advertising altogether and my sales have increased.

“The best thing about working with RP Copywriting is that they work their magic without interrupting my business flow,” he continues. “And I know it’s working because I get three or four people a week talking to me about it!”

For those looking to explore a content marketing strategy, Fisher has just one piece of advice:

“Bottom line,” he says, “if you’re looking for help in getting noticed, talk to RP Copywriting.”

To learn more about RP Copywriting’s content marketing services, visit www.rpcopywriting.com, call 250.897.5450 or email darcy@rpcopywriting.com.


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