Wayward Distillation House — a group of unruly people fighting the evils of poor quality spirits… one bottle at a time. From l-r: Curt and Laura Carbonell and owners Andrea and Dave Brimacombe.

One just never knows where a love of books and reading might take you. For example, a recent foray to the Rotary book sale led my companion and I on an unexpected side trip to a little slice of heaven called the Wayward Distillation House. 

There, Laura expertly and enthusiastically played host to the four of us present for a tasting of their divine elixirs. The highlights for me were Depth Charge, an espresso and cacao bean liqueur and their Krupnik, a Polish spiced honey liqueur. Everyone loved the vodka. 

It all starts with the honey. “All of our honey comes from the far-reaching clover fields of Northern BC,” says owner Dave Brimacombe. They then blend it with the right amount of our very own glacier water and specialized yeast which starts it on the path to becoming honey wine, or ‘mead’. 

Wayward has a custom designed still created specifically for working with honey. “Each step of the journey has been crafted so that the subtleties and intricacies of the honey are aroused,” says Dave. 

Wayward Distillation House, balancing tradition with creativity, is the first distillery in Canada using honey as the base for all its spirits. Located at 2931 Moray Ave. in Courtenay, contact them at 250.871.0424 or at waywarddistillationhouse.com. 

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