6th Annual Elevate Arts Festival

May, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – June, 2017 @ 11:59 pm
Downtown Courtenay

A FREE festival of art, culture and ideas that takes to the streets May 31-June 3 2017 in the <3 of the Comox Valley! Celebrating 6 years of breaking down barriers between culture producers and culture consumers through street level DIY community collaborations.

The working theme for Elevate 2017 is “The Experiment” and creating a container for diverse perspectives, mediums and disciplines to engage and ask tricky questions about our community and world around us, to test hypothesis (however wacky) and to make (and celebrate) our mistakes and our discoveries.

"The Experiment" is ultimately what Elevate is. We developed this event with a deep desire to experiment with our practice as cultural presenters, and to engage widest community in this experiment. We entered the experiment willing to take risks and to make mistakes. We needed to test our theories about how, why and under what conditions the community would engage the arts, and what the barriers were to engagement. What if money was removed from the equation? Would that make a difference? Why? Why not?

We also needed to test theories about our own capacity to produce in a barrier free context, and to develop a sustainable model for an arts festival with an intentionally small budget and DIY production philosophy.

"The Experiment" also links our desire to connect art and science and to acknowledge those who work tirelessly to uncover the art, and wonder and beauty and possibilities of the universe, not through illusion, but through evidence based practice and experimentation that pulls back the veils and exposes universal understandings.

You are invited to be part of "The Experiment". To explore strange new worlds of art, culture and ideas and experiment with your own potential in animating community, activating ideas and engaging with your fellow travelers as we spin around the solar system on this big blue shiny ball.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? That's how this whole crazy thing works! Email info@elevatethearts.com or media@elevatethearts.com today to visit the website for portals to the awesomeness…..