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Don Linder, AGS Business Systems

The average local small business faces a number of challenges when it comes to competing with large national competitors.  Printed colour marketing materials can play a significant role in helping a business stand out.

Colour is, and has always been, more effective than black and white. It catches people’s eye and helps connect with their feelings and emotions. Research has shown that colour improves brand recognition by more than 75 per cent, helps sell up to 80 per cent more and makes people more likely to pick up the piece. Ultimately, color is like an aphrodisiac for consumers that can help businesses captivate and compel buyers to connect with their brand and buy their products.

Whether it’s to compete with the brightly coloured screens of social media marketing or just to distinguish themselves from their competitors, savvy businesspeople know the value and have seen the benefits of advanced use of colour printed material. Be it flyers or reports, everyone from Realtors, restaurants, investments analysts and salespeople can benefit from eye catching printed material.

Do you have printed material at your location so waiting customers can read about the value of the additional products/services you provide? If you’re a restaurant, does your take-away menu have a coupon that gives your customer a special price on an item the next time they come in?

Many businesses get a large amount of printed material in advance and then have to throw it out when it becomes dated. In a world where personalized marketing is critical, the need to make last-minute changes or personalize a printed piece is very important.

Some local businesses that are involved in substantial transactions are now creating brochures or custom reports for their clients.  Imagine how impressed your customers will be when you quickly print on demand a customized quality brochure that looks like a slick magazine for them to take home.

Does having high-quality printed material mean you should scrap your social media marketing strategy? Definitely not. It just means you can benefit, and even grow your customer base, by using well-planned, eye-catching printed materials.

AGS Business Systems has been providing office technology to Vancouver Island customers for over 40 years. Don Linder can be reached at 250.871.0116 or

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