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I was only a little surprised to find myself having lunch with a big-city head hunter right here in sleepy Comox. Our town is full of professional people who have chosen the laid-back vibe of this island location. They work online from home offices in places where you would least expect them. I was thrilled because this gave me an excellent chance to find out from a professional contract head hunter how headshots have affected her choice of quarry.

She explained to me that she starts by searching LinkedIn – looking for skillsets and experience that match her requirements. But what really clinched the deal for her was a person’s headshot. She told me that she would pass on potential personnel if their headshot doesn’t reflect their professional status. To her, it’s the last piece of on a pie chart before making contact.

Thinking that maybe her targets are only found in bigger cities, I asked if she’s coerced any Islanders to relocate; she responded with a warm yes. She reflected that you never know where a person is at in their life. It may look all rosy and clear but inside, they might be dying for a change.

Here’s the key takeaway: If you don’t have a professional photo, recruiters may come to the conclusion that you don’t take your career seriously and that you may not be very professional yourself.

Many people protest that headshots cost too much. I have to admit that I’m a bit biased on this but I do know it won’t break your budget! The cost of the shoot would pay for itself in the first month’s salary and carry you for a couple more years past that. A professional image can help you land that killer job or get you invited to leave the job that’s killing you.

People have told me over and over how good it makes them feel to have a great shot of themselves. (This is one of the side benefits that keeps me going as a photographer!) And you can be confident that you’ve covered all the bases when you have a great headshot.

Head hunters may be looking for you! Don’t risk the chance that the only thing between you being scouted is your snapshot LinkedIn profile. Images are the new universal language! Call us to learn more about how to style your headshot so you attract the right employer. Don’t be shy, consultations are complimentary!

Lisa Graham is a professional photographer and the owner of Seadance Photography. She can be reached at, 250.941.7774 or online at

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