Leah McCulloch came into politics disgusted with the lies of government and crony capitalism but equally concerned about the socialist NDP agenda. “Please understand,” says McCulloch, “I’m here to do things differently.”

“Many groups I’ve talked to during this campaign are angry that the Government doesn’t give them enough money…yet they all know that it just comes from them…the taxpayer”. Her inbox is flooded with requests from groups demanding support if she is elected. “We can’t possibly pay for all of this,” she says.

As a Conservative she believes government should be transparent and accountable to us, their employer. She believes in lower taxes and smaller government so people and business can prosper. She also believes that people with energy, integrity, and unity working together can achieve much more than any government can. Leah may be new to politics but she brings endless energy and enthusiasm to achieve needed outcomes.

And what of that vicious rumor that she’s an NDP operative here to split the vote? “Oh, that’s too funny” she laughs. No, I’m a real Conservative doing something completely different. Some people don’t understand it yet because they’ve never seen it before.”

McCulloch admits she has always been a bit of a maverick and doesn’t mind pushing the boundaries a little bit. “Sometimes it works being ahead of the curve, sometimes it doesn’t”, she admits candidly. “But that’s where innovation occurs. If people are afraid to take a risk then everything remains the same”. As for being an MLA, Her 24 years in health care have given her endless experience at listening to people’s concerns, advocating for change and helping others in a complicated system but it’s her entrepreneurial skills and background that she’s calling on right now.

“I want to see this valley and its citizens thrive by creating more opportunities here”, she says.

“Many people think that if you keep throwing money at something it will improve”, she muses, “you would think we would learn! The left leaning parties think that government needs to provide everything for everybody in the community, this results in massive debt and massive dependency. The debt is already $67 billion dollars with a further $101 billion in contractual obligations making us the most indebted province in the country. Increasing the debt further and creating more levels of government control is absolutely crazy”.

“Why not nurture innovative entrepreneurs and creative free-thinkers instead? Why not create an integrated community where we know our neighbours and support each other? Why not encourage problem solvers young and old to put their heads together? We have grown so disconnected from each other, that alone is a huge cause for depression and dysfunction.”

“This is a beautiful and magnificent valley. We are already doing so much right. As there is no major industry here small business is a huge part of the economic engine. I envision building on the strengths we already have by making it a tourist destination of choice with retirees, action adventure, agriculture tourism etc. Think Nappa valley or Sedona. Work with me to change the way we do things and lets build up this community together. ”

“There is so much more I want to say”, she continues. I am trying to meet as many people as possible, but time is running out before the vote on May 9th. Please call my office at 250 897 1857 or check out my website, I will be adding more things daily at www.LeahMcCulloch.ca.”

Leah’s final thought: She has talked to many conservatives who say “We want to vote for you but are afraid of splitting the vote.” To them she says “Don’t worry about splitting the vote. This is the beginning of a new era in BC politics. Vote with your instinct and your heart for the person you want to win”.

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