Eugene Marte on the left, Mike Wozinski and centre, Edwin Betinol, owner of The Joint Physiotherapy + Sports Injury Centre

It’s hard to imagine being a little ‘lucky’ while having a cardiac arrest. But one gentleman was, apparently. At mile 15 of the Portland Marathon, Dave Brenner had a heart attack. Another runner, nurse Kirstyn Rossman, saw him go down. 

Eddy Betinol, owner of The Joint Physiotherapy, was there, too. “I saw him on the ground and a woman just reefing on his chest doing CPR,” says Eddy. Described by Rossman as, “There was a guy who the whole time was your cheerleader. He kept saying, ‘C’mon Dave! You’ve got this Dave!” 

Eddy’s advice is if you are in this type of situation and wonder what to do, just keep compression until help arrives so the brain isn’t starved of oxygen. Thank you, Mr. Betinol. Great job. 

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