Small and medium-sized businesses are the heartbeat of our community, as job creators and entrepreneurs in our Valley, they are an incredible resource that too often flies under the radar.

You know who you are! You could be in the food services sector, a part of the growing valley food culture delivering amazing food and drink, much of which is locally produced. You could be working hard in the retail sector, delivering the best service and amazing products, or possibly you are providing the highest standards in professional services for your clients right here in the Valley.

We are also so fortunate to have one of the most vibrant arts communities in all of the country. Our tourism business, whether summer festivals and sporting events, arts and music or winter skiing and snow sports, showcases the best BC has to offer and attracts new customers and new business every day throughout the year, delivering huge economic benefit to the Comox Valley. Our construction sector, our agriculture and our aquaculture industries are providing real jobs today and supporting and growing our technology sector is an important part of our future.All of our small businesses and our entrepreneurs contribute every day to make a stronger community right here in the Comox Valley.

I’m Jim Benninger and with my BC Liberal colleagues, we have presented an election platform tailored just for Vancouver Island. We will reduce taxes for small businesses here in the Valley and all across the Province. We will balance the budget for the fifth year in a row to ensure our economy remains strong. And we’ll help you create good jobs by supporting post secondary education and trades training here at home.

We want our small businesses to prosper here in the Comox Valley – after all you are the drivers for prosperity and jobs here. Our commitment to you is that we’ll create a business-ready environment that allows you to compete, to grow and to succeed. Together – let’s make this happen.

Another balanced budget, lower taxes and lots of new jobs – BC today, is a ‘have’ province because our economy is strong. Let’s make sure we stay the course.

Let me be your ISLAND CHAMPION – your voice in the Legislature. May 9th vote for a strong economy!


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