Sandy Poelvoorde is the owner of Boyd’s Funeral Services Ltd. She can be reached at 250.287.2240 or online at

Whether it is a cremation or burial, there is a new trend that funeral providers have noticed – the decline of a meaningful service. More and more people are choosing not to have any type of religious or even secular celebration; instead they are focusing more on the disposition of human remains.

This is curious. Births, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries are all points at which we like to gather together as friends and family and share in celebration. But, more and more, after a death, there is a tendency to turn inward and retreat into stoic isolation.

For many, the person who has died is “just a shell” and their soul is gone. Death is treated as an inconvenient sadness, and the bereaved simply focus on practical matters. While this is a true and valid response, this narrow focus can result in a missed opportunity to do something more meaningful.

Don’t forget, that “shell” is the body that held you, comforted you, and in many cases, gave life to you. You may have never known a moment in time without this person in your world, or you may feel they were taken far too soon and there were too few memories, hopes and dreams realised.

Consider honoring the deceased as you would any other precious item in your life. The care and love you have for someone doesn’t end with the last heartbeat – think of it instead that this, now, is the time when you can truly begin to appreciate the depth of your love.

With a death comes the reality of how you were impacted by the life lived. Take the time to acknowledge and absorb the passing of your loved one in whatever way works for you. Be it a ceremonial send off, or a quiet moment tenderly holding the hand you will soon never be with again.

Never let the moments of life or death pass you by. It’s a once in a lifetime moment that will never come again.

Sandy Poelvoorde is the owner of Boyd’s Funeral Services Ltd. She can be reached at 250.287.2240 or online at .

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