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Leif Jason, Mastermynde

I’ve known the Inside Edge’s Executive Editor Ryan Parton for quite a few years. We’ve shared clients through his other business RP Copywriting, referred each other business, and bumped into each other countless times.

So I wasn’t surprised when Ryan asked me recently to look at the Business Gazette through marketing consulting eyes, although I was surprised it took us this long for it to cross our minds. I’ll be working with Ryan and his Gazette partner, Jim McQuillan, to tune up their publication’s online side, and I’ll be explaining the best practices we apply as we go.

My hope is that this both serves to show you what the Business Gazette is doing for its contributors, advertisers and readers online, and also to help you think about how you can improve your own online presence.

So what have we done with the Gazette so far?

Our first task was to ensure that tracking of web statistics is as clean and accurate as possible. The Gazette’s website had three different Google Analytics (GA) profiles embedded, making it difficult to clearly see how visitors were using the site. We reviewed those profiles, found the one being used most consistently and ensured it was used throughout the site, removing the other GA code to eliminate future confusion.

This update matters for the Gazette because, in future, the publishers will be better able to see where visitors come from, what articles are generating the most interest and when visitors click through to advertisers. This will then help the Gazette’s team determine editorial direction, as well as provide more compelling reporting to current and future advertisers.

How to apply this

If you have a website and you plan to do online marketing at any point in the future, you should implement web statistics immediately. If you already track your web statistics, double check to ensure they’re set up properly. Historical statistics will help you to make better decisions about any online marketing task.

If you don’t have web statistics set up, or if you’re not sure if they’re set up properly, I’d be happy to check your website and web statistics and explain how to implement best practices or confirm you’re set up properly. This review is absolutely free; if we ever end up working together, those historical statistics will help ensure my work for you has the highest value in the shortest period of time!

What’s next for the Gazette?

We have lots of interesting plans to add value for both readers and advertisers. Some of these ideas include: incorporating clickable links in the PDF version of the Gazette, better integrating social media into the editorial calendar, integrating the business portion of the Comox Valley Community Calendar, adding an author and advertiser index, getting other local organizations and businesses linking back to the Gazette, and lots more. The Gazette also has some other exciting plans in progress and it will be interesting to see it all come together!

Leif Jason is founder of Mastermynde.com, offering online marketing and SEO services. If you have questions about online marketing, drop me a line at leif.jason@mastermynde.com or 250.339.9734. Little answers are free; big answers might require payment by beverage at Gladstone Brewing. 😉


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