Lisa Graham, Seabreeze Photography

Let’s say you were online shopping, for ease of example, an iron, and you found two stores with the exact same product and description about the iron but these were the images they used to display the product.


Oh look, there’s a Juicing machine too. 



Now think of your own business. If you provide a service, your product is your Self, are you with me? With this in mind, which store is yours?

Store A or Store B.

People make will make a snap judgement based on your images, don’t let them make the wrong assumption! Reading images is the first language we learned as babies and we use it in our every day life to help us filter the world.

So if you want to show the world your professional Self you need to take a close look at your profile image. Is it as professional as it can be, is it recent, is the lighting good? If your profile images is a cropped photo from a wedding you attended or worse, the default linkedin ‘egg’ your messages says you don’t care.  If you were buying a car online and there was a poor image or no photo at all, wouldn’t you wonder what’s wrong with it?

When big brands put together an ad for their products they take great care in the presentation of the image. They know nothing makes people want to buy things more than a beautiful photograph of the item being sold. Your profile photo is your product and you are Brand You, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have professional images made but it might earn you that job or client you’ve been after.

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