Mel Rodgers is the owner of Alpine First Aid. He started the company in 2006 and through talent and hard work has seen it grow. He is on the far left with the radio and lanyard at the Sept. 23 MOMAR event, medic for any of the intrepid souls who may suffer physical injury. 

A paramedic by trade, his company provides all levels of first aid attendants from Level 3 to paramedics. They also have courses for Occupational First Aid, CPR, Marine & Wilderness First Aid as well as safety programs. If you need a medic for your worksite or event, Mel is the man to call. They also provide Specialty Rescue Services. 

The summer forest fires this year kept him pretty busy. The change of season will bring other adventures. If you’d like to contact Mel, you can reach him at 250.331.1990. 

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