Property taxes must be paid and Home Owner Grants claimed by July 4th this year. For property taxes, you may or may not need to pay them yourself depending on how your mortgage is set up. With most lenders, you choose to either be responsible for paying your own taxes or have the lender collect property tax installments with your mortgage payments and pay the total due to the city on your behalf. If you’re unsure which option you chose, look at your most recent mortgage statement to see if there’s a “Property Tax” amount included in your scheduled payments, or call your mortgage broker or lender to confirm.

The Home Owner Grant saves you $770 off your property taxes on your principal residence, but you must claim this yourself every year (your lender cannot do this on your behalf). Be sure to register your claim following the instructions in your tax bill envelope – in most areas you can file your claim electronically or using the claim form on your tax bill.

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