From left to right the executive members of the Rotary Club of the Comox Valley are: Nikki Mahy, Coastal Community Credit Union, Nicole Gavac, Telus, Grant Powers, BMO, Angela Zumbo, Your Island Mortgage Team, Kris Trudeau, Halftone Pixel, Kevin Niemi, MacKenzie Gartside and Associates, Greg Chadwick, Investor’s Group, Vanessa Metcalf, Old House Resort and Spa, Maris Russel, Old House Law and Penny Bindon, Finance and Insurance Manager.

There is a new Rotary club starting in the Comox Valley. 

The motivation for starting this new club is to offer a Rotary option in the Comox Valley that can fit more easily into the lives of people who can’t make weekly meetings work with their existing commitments to family and work. 

To that end, the new club will have 2 meetings per month and a culture that is understanding of members who might need to miss the occasional meeting due to other commitments.  

To ensure the club stays organized and coordinated in its efforts to serve the community, there will be a strong focus on using technology to make information available and to gather feedback from the members. 

The new club is also focused on making sure it is economically accessible to as many as possible. The annual dues will be $200/year (just enough to cover the required dues for the district and international Rotary organizations), and the club will focus on community projects and service goals where its members can contribute through volunteering time and expertise to either work on the project directly or fund raise to contribute to the goal. 

The Rotary Club of Comox is very generously sponsoring the new club, and will play a key role in providing guidance and support for the club during its start. Dale Roberts, an existing Rotarian with many years of experience in club operations, will be joining the new club to help and advise the leadership team. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Rotary and whether the new club might be the right fit for you to become a Rotarian, please contact Kevin Niemi ( or Greg Chadwick ( 

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