I used to ride mountain bikes daily when I lived in Pemberton British Columbia. Back then the riding style was very different.  Bottoms first,  V brakes,  and Nose manuals we’re all a sign of the times.  The sport evolved overnight, I remember the first week Whistler Mountain opened its Bike Park,  daily vertical multiplied by 20 times and this meant the riding style, equipment, and skill level would literally change overnight. 

People travel from all over the world to ride the mountain bike park in Whistler. Thousands of people of all skill level flood the village daily and crowd the lift lines and trails. I am not comparing Whistler to Mount Washington but I do want to make it very clear to everyone in the Comox Valley how very fortunate we are to have our very own bike park. No lift lines no crowded trails,  you’ll have the mountain all to yourself. Mountain biking is an excellent way to spend time together as a family, my wife loves the ocean and as our kids grow we plan to spend as much time on the ocean as possible, we also plan on spending as much time in the mountains as we can.. 

I am now considered a washed-up Alpine athlete, but as our children grow I plan on spending as much time on my bike  sharing, with them how special our time together can be in the mountains. If you have not been up to Mount Washington in the offseason set some time aside to go up go for a walk,  hike, or rent a bike and take some lessons. After you have earned it there is a beautiful new eatery to enjoy some lunch and a refreshments.  Beer comes top of mind but there is juice, water and pop available, I’m sure.  Enjoy Vancouver Island’s only all season Alpine Resort.  Enjoy Vancouver Island’s only “Bike Park”.   


Nicholas Copeland 

Product Consultant 

Comox Valley Dodge 

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