How the Elliott’s of Whitehorse come south for truck and camper

Dr. Catherine Elliott and her husband  needed a truck. A specific truck that as for the past they’ve lived in Whitehorse, Yukon. “We love it,: says Catherine. “We just love to play outside, and get outside in all seasons, including winter. It’s really easy to do that here! The city is surrounded by wilderness… or sort of more like a wilderness with city access rather than a city with wilderness access.” Which sounds like an apt description. 

So the Elliott’s wanted a truck and camper where they could get out and play outside year round. They  have two little kids, so they needed a decent sized camper, which required a big payload. “After research,” says Catherine, “We decided we need a Ram. And we got a Ram 3500 dually in order to meet our needs as everything loaded is close to 5,000 pounds.” 

Initially, the Elliott’s looked at a Ford as they own one already. They also looked at getting a single RWD but it just wouldn’t handle the payload they needed. Getting a dually was no easy task. “There are actually very few in Western Canada,” says Catherine. “There was one actually in Whitehorse, but it sold out basically from under us. That was kinda the story a few times, where we had our eye on a vehicle and the next day it was gone.” Hmmm. Who new the dually market is like real estate in Vancouver! 

Catherine explains how they came upon Nick Copeland at Comox Valley Dodge. “My father in law… my husband grew up in Campbell River actually. He knew what we were looking for, saw a dually on the lot, so he stopped in and chatted with Nick. That one didn’t work out but Nick found another one in Abbottsford that worked for us. It was great working with Nick. He’s got a young family too, so he really understood our needs, and really took that into consideration. We just thought the whole team at the Ram dealership in Courtenay was really just fantastic.” 

The Elliott’s bought the camper at Sunwest RV in Courtenay, working with Tim Wozniak. “The two companies really worked hard to make things happen really quickly, because we had to get home for a certain date,” tells Catherine, explaining it requires a lot of trust and back-and-forth, and conversation and getting to know each other. “It was a fair bit of back-and-forthing and they worked really great together to do that for us. We really appreciated it. Nick and Tim were really super.” 

It was a happy trip back, which is nice as it’s a long trip; Prince George is only half way to Whitehorse. The Elliott’s took the Port Hardy ferry to Prince Rupert. From Rupert they drove to Meziadin Lake, which is on the Stewart-Cassiar highway, and then to Boya Lake,still on the Stewart-Cassiar highway. “The Stewart-Cassiar highway is gorgeous, but it’s nice to have a good vehicle. It’s paved but it’s nice to have a solid vehicle to drive it for sure. It’s a great truck. It’s really comfortable, the way it drives.” 

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