Joke De Roeck, Business Gazette

For more than 23 years, OnDeck Systems has provided technology consulting, sales and implementation to North Island businesses – and they’re serious about what they do.

“We love what we do, but this isn’t a hobby,” explains sales manager Evan Standish. “As professionals, we take our business very seriously. Some people make it sound like technology is an easy thing to do. Many people think they can deal with their technology issues, but they don’t realise there might be underlying complications.

Those complications, he says, can quickly sap a businessperson’s time and emotional energy, without actually solving the problem. That’s why he recommends always hiring a professional to solve technology problems.

“We care about our customers, their experience and their success,” he says. “We take care of core technology and focus on helping small businesses secure themselves and their networks.”

In the early days, OnDeck Systems mostly set up offices and fixed computers. Today, the Courtenay-based company spends most of its time doing preventive work. More sophisticated viruses mean greater security issues, and it’s OnDeck’s job to ensure their clients’ systems are up to date and running smoothly.

“We want to make sure our customers are secure,” says Standish. “This is our foundation. From there, we move on to optimizing the workflow.

“Whether you’re just getting started or growing to the next level, at OnDeck Systems we take care of your technology. We believe that everyone who is serious about their business should be serious about their technology.”

OnDeck Systems serves businesses from Port McNeill, to Victoria to Port Alberni. For more information visit or call 250.334.0638

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