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It’s a brave new world.  Technology has created generations of people who want everything instantly. Some things shouldn’t be hurried, but occasionally a quick solution is better than none at all. 

The insurance world is seeing this with more and more people buying products on-line. The problem is, while they get coverage quickly, the product may or may not be what it appears to be, possibly leaving you with no insurance coverage when you need it most. 

But there is another option. Some insurance companies have developed quick applications done online, but to be completed in conjunction with a licensed insurance agent, so you know not only what you are buying, but can rest easy knowing the product is suitable for you and will pay out when needed. 

Depending on your health, at least one company offers up to $1 million of individual term insurance with absolutely no medicals required, plus you have your policy emailed to you within 48 hours. You don’t even have to meet face to face with the advisor because the application can be signed electronically.   

This scenario is not the same as the telephone solicitor who calls to sell you insurance over the phone, or the sites you go to online. In those situations you may be getting information via a scripted presentation from a person who is not only not licensed to sell insurance products, but has very little knowledge of what they are pitching. 

When you can receive a better product from a knowledgeable, licensed professional, using similar technology, it makes sense to choose that route. 

With the new applications the Financial Advisor can meet with you in their office, or in your home or office, even if an internet connection is not readily available. 

You share your information with the advisor and know right away if you are accepted, and at a far lower cost than most non-medical insurance plans. 

Professional advice, innovative products, no medicals, and a quick placement of coverage that fits your needs and budget. Insurance brokers, like 

the advisors at Garat Financial Group, can offer products from a variety of these companies. Not just life insurance, but disability and critical illness coverage as well. 

Ensure your future to someone who knows the products you are buying, and can give you the best options in the “online” insurance market. 

Devon Garat and the team at Garat Financial Group Ltd work with their clients to create real financial security. Contact them at 250.287.2310 for more information. 

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