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It might seem counterintuitive, but people are using more paper than ever before. A Gartner survey found that amount of paper produced by the average company grows about 25 per cent a year!

What’s more, an Association for Information and Image Management survey found that more than half of workers still resort to print to add a signature, read offline or to mark-up changes.

Yet, companies are still trying harder than ever for the Holy Grail of being paper-free. Why? Because going digital provides these benefits:


Switching to digital lets you send files instantly and access data remotely. This lets workers connect off-site or from home, which improves productivity. For example, a local company we work with sends digital invoices to managers, which the managers can then approve on a smartphone while working off-site or remotely.


Digital files are also much easier to search for and within. Keyword searchability lets you go through hundreds of documents in an instant, saving you time. It also eliminates the odds of losing valuable data.

But one major problem arises with going digital – content chaos. Companies that don’t improve their organization less find themselves buried in a chaotic mess of mislabeled files and folders.

Many people still prefer the comfort of reading off a piece of paper, or using paper to take notes or make changes. According to an AIIM study, the average office worker still prints 10,000 pages a year!

Paper also produces revenue. People react to colourful mailers, and who hasn’t grabbed a shiny brochure from the showroom to take home?

At the end of the day, the best solution is to adopt a “paper-light” model – if it’s smarter and more efficient to go digital, do so.

Combine this strategy with smart practices that limit waste. For example, many firms use print on demand to avoid wasting paper on printing documents that soon become outdated.

Going paper-light can is a great way to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your company’s daily workflow. It can help you figure out where print is costing you most (in both time and money). Don’t know where to start? Call me.

AGS Business Systems has been providing office technology to Vancouver Island customers since 1976 and prides itself on being 100% locally Island owned and operated. Don Linder can be reached at 250.871.0116 or

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