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Dr. Robin Rainford, Associate Veterinarian
Coastland Veterinary Hospital

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Name: Bailey

Nickname: Bails, Bailey Booter

Breed: Mixed Breed

Age: 11 years

Favourite Activity: Anything to do with a ball

Favourite place to sleep: Wherever we are

Food of Choice: Royal Canin Mobility

Snack he/she goes crazy for: Liver treats

Most beloved thing he/she has destroyed: My son’s soccer ball

Do you dress her up? No, she hates this

Do you take your pet to work? No, she hates that too!

Best quality: Super snuggly

Worst quality: Eats out of the bathroom garbage. I guess we could put a lid on it . . .

Crotch sniffer or face licker? Face licker

Your favourite pet story: She was the reason I messaged my now-husband on way back in 2007 when I moved to Vancouver Island! One dog walk and the rest is history.  đŸ™‚Â  Nothing sweeter than a guy and his dog!

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