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Chris Powers & Ziggy, Courtenay KIA

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Ziggy is a very happy puppy that works part time at Courtenay KIA. You may see her at the lot, on social media or sleeping on the GM’s desk. If she barks at you then she wants to play, and will accept belly rubs from almost anyone. If she’s playing with your kids or you just want to pet her its no trouble for Zigs, she’s just happy to see you anytime you stop in.

Name: Ziggy Stardust Powers

Nickname: Zigs, Ziglets, Zigalicious, Zig Zag

Breed: Yorkie/ Shitzu

Age: 9 months

Favourite Activity: Barking at cats, deer , seagulls, the mailman and people walking their dogs down our street, while sitting on the back of the couch looking out the front window.

Favourite place to sleep: Back of the sofa looking out the window.

Food of Choice: Anything that might fall off a slice of pizza

Snack he/she goes crazy for: Pepperoni

Most beloved thing he/she has destroyed: She ate almost every ball off the top of my toques

Do you dress her up? You may see Zigs in her  Seattle Seahawks #12 Jersey, Cowichan Native sweater or Brown Leather Jacket on any given day.

Do you take your pet to work? She is the Assistant to the General Manager!

Best quality: Cuteness, she walks with her front legs completely straight. It looks hilarious!

Worst quality: Hides treats all over the place.

Crotch sniffer or face licker? Face licker for sure!

Your favorite pet story: The manager at Honda scares her for some reason, I don’t know why but “GOOD DOG!”

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