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Darcie Wright, S. McInnes & Associates Ltd.

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Name: Sargent Mazda Wright

Nickname: Sargie, Sargio, Sargento & few others when he has been bad 😉

Breed: Tuxedo B&W SPCA rescue cat

Age: 10

Favourite Activity: sleeping, eating, catching snakes and sleeping

Favourite place to sleep: couch, cat tent/cube or wherever he can lie in the sun

Food of Choice:  Acana Grasslands dry food

Snack he/she goes crazy for: freeze dried salmon and stuff he shouldn’t have, e.g. marshmallows, cinnamon buns, cake, candied salmon & lox

Most beloved thing he has destroyed: our couch…bad kitty

Do you dress them up (alternatively Best Halloween Costume):  lol…I prefer to live!!!!

Do you take your pet to work?  Um no….taking him in the car is torture for both of us.

Best quality:  Cuddly…when he wants to be…but stays with us when we are sick.

Worst quality:  5:00 am or earlier wake up calls when his food bowl is empty…he head butts and bites until you get up…gotta love him.

Crotch sniffer or face licker?  Face licker

Your favourite pet story:  We adopted him from the SPCA 9 ½ years ago as a birthday present to our son.  Sargent is a part of our household and fits right in…even when he catches & releases in the house several ALIVE snakes and a baby bird.  Sargent cuddles when he wants to and has a HUGE personality.

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