georgeYour Name & Company:  Rick Bossom, Bayfield Mortgage Professionals

About your pet:

Name: George
Nickname: Giorgio
Breed: Welsh terrier and mixed
Age: 2.5 years
FavouriteActivity: barking at anything
Favourite place to sleep: my bed or the downstairs front window
Food of Choice: Anything I am eating
Snack he/she goes crazy for: cookies
Most beloved thing he/she has destroyed: Kid’s toys (did in a number of stuffed toys)
Do you dress them up (alternatively Best Halloween Costume): Nope
Woofy-Logo---GSDo you take your pet to work? I work from home so he is always here, lets me know when someone is here…
Bestquality: just a great lovable dog
Worstquality: extremely large bark
Crotch sniffer or face licker? Face licker
Your favourite pet story: The on going story is if a client is in my office George will sit in the chair beside them and try to give them kisses and will push the client to climb onto their lap and start licking their whole face if they let him.

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