Brody Jones and Jonny Poettcker, traditional barbers in legendary Cumberland. They are located at 3273 Third St., just up from Cumberland Brewing

We all seem to know that, in life, serendipity can play pivotal roles. Just ask Brody Jones and Jonny Poettcker, new owners of Rapture Barbers in Cumberland. 

“I was visiting a friend on the August long weekend,” says Jonny. “The rent had gone up at my shop in Vancouver. I was paying exorbitant rent for the house we were in and just kind of hit the wall, hoping to get heck out of the Lower Mainland. When I came here for a visit, we had a realtor lined up to look at houses and ready to take some risks.” 

Almost right away, someone tells Jonny, “Oh, you should have a chat with this guy named Brody. He wants to start a shop.” His initial reaction was, “Oh, no. Someone is going to beat me to the punch!” It turned out instead he found a colleague and fellow visionary. “It was great,” recalls Jonny. “That was the first day in Cumberland. The second day we bought a house. Things just came together.” Did it ever. Rapture Barbers is a funky shop. 

“I’d been thinking about my own place for years,” tells Brody. “I’m the type who likes to think about design and style so I definitely had a vision. Jonny was incredibly influential in bringing in a bunch of pieces, amazing chairs and accents and lighting. The way it’s come together is pretty much what we both envisioned.” 

“I think it’s both what we wanted, but I don’t think either of us quite could have envisioned how good it would look in the end,” says Jonny.  

Rapture Barbers is a space that can host small venues, are working on a liquor licence and a destination of high quality cuts. Call 250.702.7059 or visit 

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