36 years ago Albert Mehrabian published his seminal book Silent Messages. From his research on non-verbal communication, he concluded only 7% of communication is based on what a person says. 38% is due to the tone and cadence of their voice. 55% is facial expression and body language. 

This ‘7% Rule’ as it is known is somewhat obvious. Think of a dog wagging it’s tail while snarling. Which end are you going to pay attention to? But the rule does illustrate a liability when half of communication relies on being able to see the person you’re talking to. 

The bigger question right now regarding video phone calls in business is probably more about us, as people, and our preferences and comfort zones. Because the technology is here. Now. Even grandparents with grandkids. 

It’s here for business, too. Incredibly easy and affordable. In some cases a huge money saver. The quality is excellent, too. It’s not like the free apps everyone is familiar with. 

The issue in business — for it to be wide spread — is perhaps psychological.   

When the phone rings at work and you answer it, do you want to always have to look at the person calling on a screen? Do you want them always able to see you? If you work from home, will you have to keep the office clean and get out of your pajamas? This is true even in office environments where someone might be on the phone all day and not want to have to get dressed up to do it. 

I’m sure the answers to questions like these will be answered in due time. Right now, let me tell you about what is available. 

What we have is easily usable by anyone, anytime and anywhere. It is optimal for companies with multiple locations, lots of travel, or projects involving diverse, maybe remote, participants. It is: 

  • Simple: 3 steps you’re in and good to go.
  • Easy: Cloud based so all you need is an

internet connection. 

  • Anywhere: The unit is portable. No dedicated room required.
  • Unlimited: The ability to connect multiple sites is a standard function.
  • Share: Everyone can see the digital files and images in real time. In some cases this has made a large reduction in phone calls and emails.
  • Quality Resolution: The system minimizes videofreezing and interruption.
  • Strong Security: The audio and video data is encrypted with other securities in place.

Might video ‘phone calls’ and conferencing be valuable to you? If you think it might, give me a call. You can make your decisions based on the findings. And my body language! 

AGS Business Systems has been providing office technology to Vancouver Island customers since 1976 and prides itself on being 100% locally Island owned and operated. Don Linder can be reached at 250.871.0116 or don.linder@agscanada.com. 

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