a removeable harddriveTo repair or replace, that is the question.

If your computers are meeting your personal or business needs for the moment, you have the luxury of a little breathing room to evaluate your tech needs.

See what’s available, and budget for new or upgraded equipment over time. If your computers aren’t meeting your company’s needs, either because they are malfunctioning or don’t have the speed, memory, or capability to perform necessary tasks, you must make a more immediate decision to repair or replace them.

There are several reasons old computers get slow. Computers suffer from a forced obsolescence when the software and operating system upgrade but the hardware stays the same.

Brian Bailey, My Tech Guys

Brian Bailey, My Tech Guys

This means that on top of physical degradation or size limitations of hard drives, computers themselves have to work harder the later they go into their lives.

To repair or replace

At My Tech Guys, we make these decisions every day when we make recommendations to our customers.

As with most things, the decision for most comes down to cost. Generally speaking, if the repair costs come to around 50% of the replacement costs, then it is best to buy new and get the benefits of the warranty on the new machine. If your laptop costs $399 and a new screen and install comes to $200, we would not recommend the repair.


The exception is when the repair will leave you with a better product and not just an equivalent one. Say your hard drive has totally failed on your desktop. Your operating system is corrupt beyond but some data is intact.

This may be the time to consider putting in a Solid State Drive (SSD), a dramatic speed boost that eliminates the bottleneck of the older, spinning drives. Upgrading that old machine with new RAM, and SSD cost around $350 — $600 depending on the size, and come with a 5-year warranty, often leaving you with a better product than you would get buying new.

Whether you’re in the market for new business or personal computers, want to learn how to get the most out of your existing machines, need help with technical support issues or computer problems, My Tech Guys can help. Our trusted and friendly IT professionals will work with you to evaluate what you need from your technology and create a personalized solution that works for your need and your budget.

Brian Bailey — The Climbing Geek — is Regional Mgr., CAO and Customer Service Wizard at My Tech Guys. He can be found daily in the Comox store making the cogs turn. He can be reached at 250.890.1065 or at brian@mytechguys.ca

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