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Most PC’s & servers don’t come with the IT equivalent of a check engine light. Things can be seriously wrong under the hood and maybe all you noticed was, it’s a little slower.

The three main areas you need covered are Failures, Hacking and Performance.

Failures: Most issues are complaining in the background for a while before they cause a problem, leaving you in trouble and hoping your backup works. Good monitoring alerts you as soon as something’s not right.

Hacking: I’ve seen a lot of intrusion attempts right here in the valley. Most aren’t instant, they take time. Like a burglar, if you’re not aware they are trying to break in, given time they eventually will. It checks for unauthorized entry and sets off alarms.

Performance: You shouldn’t be waiting for your computer anymore, those days are gone. If things get slow over time this can indicate a more serious problem.

Enterprise Grade 24/7 monitoring with Anti-virus/malware from $9/mo/pc or $49/mo/server.

Comes with easy to understand monthly reports, it even checks your backups.

Installed and working within an hour with no disruption to you.


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