Years ago I always drove new cars. One day though I drove a friend’s older luxury SUV. I found I liked it more than my new car. In fact, not only did I like my friend’s used vehicle much more than mine, it was about the same cost to own.

With an engineering background and mindset, I analyzed my choices. First, I decided to change brands. It made sense. I wanted something more reliable and with longevity. I wasn’t getting it and now that I knew there was something so much better out there I sold my car and bought a nice pre-loved vehicle.

Yes, I did pay a slight premium on it over that of the new cars I’d previously bought. But I also saved 50-70% off the new price. And, for me, the stretch in price was worth it in multiple ways.

It was solid. Reliable. Better handling. More fun to use. It has served me well for many years with almost no problems.

There are parallels with used office technology. Compare our commercial-grade printers to a consumer grade printer or multi-function unit. Commercial-grade is solid and reliable. It is made to be used. A lot. So breakdowns are rare. And should one happen, we come to you to fix it. No one has to leave the office to get toner or go to a shop for repairs. Other tasks can get taken care of while the repair person takes care of the printer.

Like a luxury vehicle, commercial grade is not only more reliable, the quality is superior, too. Colours are more vibrant. The resolution and contrast more notable. They handle different types, sizes and thickness of papers more easily. They’re faster. They hold more paper. They are much less frustrating to use. There are service plans available, too, just like with the new equipment

Yes, commercial-grade printers are more expensive than consumer grade printers to buy. But the operating costs are much lower making the total cost of ownership lower over the life of the equipment. Plus, consider what you save in time, frustration, repairs, and missed deadlines

If you’re frustrated with office printing, it may be time to consider a change to a pre-owned commercial grade printer. Make your current consumer grade printer the last one that gets thrown into the garbage.

AGS Business Systems has been providing office technology to Vancouver Island customers for over 40 years. Don Linder can be reached at 250.871.0116 or

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