The inaugural CV Women’s Health Symposium took place at the Kingfisher Feb. 3 & 4. Featuring speakers Carla Taylor-Black, Lindsay Baker, Sarah Masson, Amy Kelly, Lindsay Ishoy, Dr. Tracy Rogers, Shannon Lawrence, Rosemarie Sanche, Kathi Cameron, Terry Folks and Susie Newson it was a great weekend for a full, engaged crowd. The weekend was all about improving and enhancing women’s physical and mental health and let them know about local resources to support them. 

Speaker Dr. Tracy Rodgers and The Joint owner and physiotherapist Eddy Betinol. Dr. Rodgers is an OBGYN at The Women’s Clinic in Courtenay. She is a passionate advocate for women’s health and works diligently in the community to empower and educate women in all stages of life.


Lindsay Baker, physiotherapist at The Joint and organizer of the event, along with primary sponsors Shannon Lawrence and Rosemarie Sanche of Comox Physiotherapy Clinic. Shannon and Rosemarie spoke on Sunday Pelvic Floor and Core Health.


Sponsor Leanne Zdebiak-Eni, owner of Studio IPF with Jessica Carter, a local yoga and dance instructor at Studio IPF and Triple Heat


Speaker Kathi Cameron with Leanne Zdebiak-Eni, gave an interesting and engaging talk, shattering misconceptions causing lots of talk and insights. Kathi works with people who struggle with disordered eating, exercise and and body image. Kathi’s socio-cultural discussion on underlying cultural messages that damage a healthy sense of self was infused with wit and pith.


Personal Trainers Morgan Klieber and Jen Walker, gaining new ideas and expanding their professional horizons.

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