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As a general rule, the most successful businesses get the most from their employees. One way they do that is by letting them focus on meaningful work rather than menial tasks. If you’re looking to be more productive — and therefore more profitable — as a company, look to labour-saving technology to get you there.

Some of my clients find it difficult to justify the purchase of a new piece of equipment, saying, “We’ve always done it this way. It works for us.” Just because something works, though, doesn’t mean it works well. You can’t underestimate the value of productivity.

By streamlining processes, technology allows employees to direct their efforts into more consequential tasks. For example, a study conducted by the Gartner Group (an organization known for analyzing the adoption of business technology) showed that when it comes to printing, 10% of the cost is due to paper, toner, machines, etc. and the remaining 90% is the cost of the people involved. Imagine the savings if you were to eliminate or substantially reduce employee involvement in that particular process.

I spoke recently with a business owner who takes a logical approach to analyzing the cost and benefits of purchasing new office equipment. He figures out how much time will be saved per day per employee and translates that into an hourly rate that he compares to the cost of the equipment. He says he’s usually blown away by the numbers.

Of course, some may argue that you’re still paying your employees and you’ve also had to outlay cash for a big purchase. However, you’re now paying your employees for work of higher value. You’re saving time, which, of course, is money. That time could be spent with customers, learning new facets of the company or helping expand the business — all without having to add staff. Now you’re really making money!

Allowing your employees to focus on high-value tasks increases their worth and also improves employee satisfaction.

Don’t have employees? Streamlining technology can be even more valuable to you. Just think of what you could do with a few extra hours every week!

One final thought on incorporating technology: These days, we all expect instant answers and customers are becoming increasingly demanding of suppliers. If you don’t have the technology to handle that demand, your customers will notice. Don’t let them.

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