Lisa Graham, Seadance Photography

Lisa Graham, Seadance Photography

When you wrap a wedding gift, your choice of material counts. Do you reach for plain newsprint or foil giftwrap? A wedding is a special event honouring the beginning of a long relationship between two people. It wouldn’t be appropriate to use anything less than the best because you want your gift to reflect your good wishes for them.

When you are branding your business, think of it in the same way. You are also building a long relationship and are choosing wrap for the gift. The images you choose to brand yourself online and in print is essentially the wrapper – and you want to be wrapped in the very best foil giftwrap.

A web designer called to say she was working on a project and was looking for stock images of the local neighbourhood. Her client didn’t allow a budget for photos yet had given very specific criteria.  The designer couldn’t find anything suitable and at the same time mentioned that she felt the price range she’d seen on a stock site of $50-$75 seemed pretty steep for an image. The client was marketing a $500,000 – $1,000,000 product but was wrapping their project in “newsprint”.

We are so inundated with images that we no longer recognize the value of them.  There is a belief that cameras make images not people and that quality images can be purchased on micro stock for under $20 or better yet found for free, yet when we go looking for something to suit a need it is quickly discovered that they are not easily found.

What the small business owner is learning is something big business already knows. It pays to stand out from the crowd of mediocre marketing by presenting their products in the best light possible. Big businesses pay thousands of dollars to hire designers, stylists and photographers to create their branding. Small businesses ask friends for images or shop micro stock sites to brand themselves, yet most of them have never asked for a quote to learn how much hiring a professional photographer costs or to crunch the numbers to fit into their marketing plan.

The average business pays for its website to be professionally created, pays for its content to be professionally written then looks for cheap images to present the package.  The image is the hook that captures a client’s attention, the gold foil wrapping paper, the Gucci coat, the first point of contact.

The savvy business owner knows that professional images are vital to their marketing and continually build their database with carefully selected images that convey the essence of their unique business. They understand that images, like employees, can work for their company in a powerful way.

Call us to learn more about how your business can grow by using quality images to convey the essence of your business. Don’t be shy, consultations are complimentary!

Lisa Graham is a professional photographer and the owner of Seadance Photography. She can be reached at, 250.941.7774 or online at

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