Renee Kraft, of Merlinus Software Solutions, builds custom software solutions.

Business Gazette

A new computer seldom makes a business run more efficiently; the magic lies in the programs and apps.

“Some industries are very standardized, and it’s easy to find excellent off-the-shelf solutions,” explains Renee Kraft, of Merlinus Software Solutions in Campbell River. “But what about all the businesses that specialize in areas where there isn’t much suitable software available?”

That’s where Merlinus comes in. Renee develops processes and software for PCs and the web, building solutions that streamline core business processes or bridge any gaps.

“Our programs are intuitive; they grow and adapt easily and live a long time,” she explains. “Whether you’re a small business or a larger organization, Merlinus offers simple solutions for everyday challenges – let’s talk!”

Renee Kraft can be reached at 778.420.5032, or online at

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