Absolutely flabbergasted by our Hydro bills! Small one-level home…1200 sq feet…$600 per month!
Have turned everything off possible and not much difference in our usage. Called Hydro and basically told in other words that we are lying about pulling plugs…even told to put on a sweater! Told we needed to turn off heaters in our basement…ummmmm…we DO NOT HAVE A BASEMENT. Unbelievable rude customer service. Have now installed a gas stove…screw you Hydro!

-Linda Novak-Wilton (via Facebook)


Our equal instalment payments when we first moved to this two-storey condo last June were $89 per month. We are two adults who don’t object to putting a sweater on if we get cold. Here we are in April and our equal instalment payments are now $96 per month. An increase of $7 per month.

If we multiply that $7 increase x 12 months in the year we get $84. We are thinking we could buy two more sweaters, turn the thermostat down and see how that works out.

Our question is …. how can BC Hydro increase our equal monthly instalment before we have lived here for one full year. Do they guess at the calculation?

What was the question? Oh yeah, what did you think of your hydro bills this winter? Well, not much!!

— Judy Atkinson


ACK!!!! Makes me wish my house was in a better position for solar power!!! As someone who switched to LED lights nearly a decade ago and installed motion detection and dimmers two decades ago, I was truly shocked at how much our bill had gone up this past year. Given that we replaced our baseboard heaters with a heat pump that only runs at breakfast and dinner time, we expected our bill to go down. We wash clothes in cold water and our kids still share bath time, windows and doors were replaced a few years ago. It’s as if all the stuff we have done has resulted in higher bills. Would be interesting to see what we would be paying if we didn’t do constant upgrades. Time to look into wind power before the kids turn into teenagers.

— Bob Wells, The Extreme Geek


Absolutely crazy – they said I used 99000 kw in two months!

— Don Mcclellan, The Waverley Hotel

** Editor’s note: We had a peek at Don’s hydro bill and it’s true. That’s more than $13,000 in hydro costs over two months.


I have been hearing this from all kinds of people, absolutely outrageous bills. Now get this. Mine was $135, but I do have a heat pump with a back up gas furnace, and it is only me here. But that was the coldest two months in over 80 years here. I expected it to be more. I hear some people’s bills are up over 600%. Crazy.

Is it the smart meters?

— Catherine Temple, gocampbellriver.com


Our hydro bill has doubled since the price increase.

— Brian Knox, Vics Vacs




We, as many others have no doubt said, have experienced higher than normal hydro bills this winter. These exceeded by far what we had expected. Seniors in Courtenay it can often experience difficulties when expenses go up while being held to a fixed pension type of income.

— Don Morey


My hydro bill was unbelievably high at a time when I could least afford it. I am still recovering from all the extra payments I have had to make this winter.

— Treena Nadon


We turned down our thermostats for the electric baseboards and have had the gas fireplace running almost 24/7 … but to little effect on our hydro bill. But since everyone else’s has gone up, I guess I will count that as a win for us!

— Troy Therrien, learncomoxvalley.com


Well, my hydro bill was actually lower than it usually was! I installed a small solar panel array on my last summer and even though we don’t much sun in the winter here in Cumberland, it made a difference! These new solar panels are really good in low ambient light. I’m looking forward to this summers production especially with BC Hydro just raising their rates.

— Andrew Sharrock, Island Electric




Shocking, just shocking. Wearing two sweaters inside every day, hardly using any hot water, I have no dependants (or others) living at home, just me. I nearly fell off my chair when the winter Hydro eBill amounts appeared in my inbox. I was frugal with the thermostat set at 15C (and below at night) in the bathroom and living room area only – bedroom doors closed and not heated. All laundry washed in cold water (maybe two loads a week) and zero dishwasher action. I had no idea my daily 10 minute shower was going to be such an expensive luxury. I shudder to think what a family of five would have faced.
Simply outrageous!

— Kim Stallknecht, Kim Stallknecht Photography


Too expensive!

— George M.


We actually have a high efficiency wood stove so we didn’t get hit nearly as hard as our neighbours who mainly have electric heat. From what I hear though, it was a very unaffordable winter in terms of hydro cost!

— Jani Martinius, pantherworkwear.ca


hydro isn’t cheap … but we do have the third cheapest rates in the country.

-Ben Zion-Eni



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  1. Once again…. our government at work. Like all of you, I also am so weary of giving so much of my hard earned dollars to the powers that shouldn’t be. We are being fleeced, whether through property taxes, income taxes, “luxury” taxes, licensing fees, utility services, gas taxes …..sweet niblets …..I could go on and on. I think the people would be better served by allowing THEM to keep a lot more of their money because we will spend it more wisely than the steenkin’ government !

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