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We’ve all heard the expression “content is king.” But what does that mean in terms of the writing that’s on your website?

Does it mean your website content needs to actually convert readers into buyers? Does it mean your writing has to contain key phrases that will boost your website’s SEO? Or does it mean your writing has to be grammatical, free of spelling mistakes and written at higher than a grade two level?


And I’m willing to bet your website falls short on at least one of those fronts.

Why invest in your website content?

1. Increase your traffic and ranking
With a bit of keyword research and understanding of your target market, a professional copywriter can ensure your website contains the kind of language your prospects are actually searching for. This helps ensure your website is found when they’re looking for a product or service such as yours. (Yes, with Google’s ever-smarter algorithm, high quality writing is more important than SEO keywords on any given page, but it’s still important to know what those phrases are and use them as appropriate.)

2. Increase lead-to-sale conversions
Traffic to your website is great, but it’s only the first step. Your website then needs to convert all that traffic into paying customers. How? Through the time-tested methods of effective copywriting. I’m talking about proven copywriting techniques like AIDA and subtle psychological tactics like anchoring, social proof and strategic triads. This is where a professional copywriter is worth his or her weight in gold.

3. Residual long-term results
Though hiring a copywriter to write or polish your website content is typically a one-time investment, that content has a long life on your website, continually attracting and converting new traffic as the days, month and years go by. Plus, by adding new content to your site periodically, such as through an ongoing blogging campaign for example, you tell Google that your website is fresh, relevant and worthy of a high ranking.

If you’re curious how your website could be better, contact us for a free website content review. And if you schedule it before the end of June, we’ll even give you up to $200 off any of our professional copywriting and content marketing services. Call Darcy at 250.897.5450 or email darcy@rpcopywriting.com to set it up.

Ryan Parton is a professional copywriter and the president of RP Copywriting. He can be reached at ryan@rpcopywriting.com.

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