Lisa Graham, Seadance Photography

2017 is off to a fresh start and I am excited to begin! I love this time of year, the days are getting longer and the promise of spring is around the corner! I also love to see what’s new and predicted in the world of visuals.

Visual content is the core element that ties all your marketing strategies together. When done properly it not only engages clients but also helps them identify with and retain your brand message. Your visual content should be consistent and easy to recognise. Include some of these elements to stay visually current and stand out from your competition.

We’re all tired of the insincerity and staged look of traditional stock images. This year will see big brands using images with a more irreverent and loose aesthetic. People are responding to candid, honest, real-life images that don’t look set up. This sounds simple but be careful to choose images that are unfiltered yet still well composed. We’re craving authenticity!

Getty says it best: “There’s a new woman on the scene. She’s smashing conventions and tearing down walls, more concerned with what she can do than with how she looks. She’s tough. She’s tenacious. She’s laser-focused and unafraid to get her hands dirty. She’s not to be crossed, overlooked or underestimated, and she will fight for her beliefs without apology.”

“Out” is the flat, de-saturated look of Instagram photos! “In” is exciting and vibrant colour! You’ll see it being used in ways we previously couldn’t imagine, breaking the rules, and embracing unnatural combinations that immediately arouse interest and excitement in a brand campaign.

Colour has connotations – while there is no best colour for marketing, there are preferred colours that create emotional or psychological responses in a majority of people. Every business has a colour, do you know what message it is sending? Do your research so you understand the associations then plan to use it effectively within your images as well as your text!

Savvy businesses will continue to build their image database because they understand the value of connection, “in the skin that they are in” so to speak. Visuals are the first language we learned to speak, it’s more important than ever to continue to hone your visual vocabulary.

Is your business ready to adopt a fresh face for the new year? Call us to learn more about how your business can grow by using quality images that maximize your visual presence. Don’t be shy, consultations are complimentary!

Lisa Graham is a professional photographer and the owner of Seadance Photography. She can be reached at, 250.941.7774 or online at

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