Marie-Louise Mulder, Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning RBC Royal Bank

1: Nickname? ML

2: Celebrity crush? Don’t have one

3: Your idea of happiness? I can find happiness in so many things; it would take more than 2 minutes to name/ read. But they would include Health, Friends & Family.

4: Your idea of misery. If one of my children had a incurable disease

5: Song on your MP3 player you’re ashamed of. What’s an MP3 player ?

6: Favourite TV show. Suits

7: All-time greatest movie?

8: Favourite chick flick? LOL! Flirting with Forty, with Heather Locklear J

9: What food do you refuse to eat? Insects, no matter how tasty they are prepared

10: First website you check when you go online? My email

11: What local business do you admire? Any of our locally owned businesses that support our community

12: Favourite restaurant? I don’t think I have a favorite restaurant, if I’m eating out it means I don’t have to cook so it’s always good !

13: What’s the best thing about your job? The clients I get to meet and help achieve their financial goals

14: When did you find out life isn’t fair? When I was a child and I thought dying was only for older people not for kids

15: Do you have any fears/phobias? I really don’t like spiders

16: Worst thing a customer has ever said to you? Can’t think there’s ever been any bad things

17: What was your first job? Cashier in a department store

18: What’s your drink? Tea

19: Who do you think is overpaid? Anyone who doesn’t give their 100%

20: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? First a teacher, than a vet and by the time I was 10 something that involved money

21: If you could be or do anything else — what? I do what I love to do, if I wanted to be something else I’d be doing it

22: If you could have dinner with three people living or dead, who would they be? I’m assuming you mean people I can’t just have dinner with at any time ? I would choose my best friend in Holland, my mom who lives in Holland and my dad who passed away.

23: What one word best describes you? Determined

24: Favourite heroes/heroines in fiction don’t really have one

25: What sound or noise do you love? The sound of the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees on a sunny summer day

26: Favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe my Dutch blue & white dress

27: Life motto: Live life to the fullest

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