Evan Standish, OnDeck Systems

Evan Standish, OnDeck Systems

It’s a fact of life: Businesses come and go every day. But what if one of the businesses that goes is one you depend on for IT and tech support?

We heard of an IT provider who just walked away from doing business. While not privy to the full details, I do know that the company had been hosting websites and email on their own servers. Within about a week of quitting, those servers suddenly went down. And when they went down, many businesses’ websites and email stopped working altogether!

If you were one of those businesses, I don’t have to tell you how nerve wracking that was. The hardest part for many was piecing together rudimentary information such as where domains were registered and who had authority to make the necessary changes to get things back up and running.

Luckily, the businesses we were hired to assist had authority already in place to effect the changes required to resume their services. For others, it took several days to provide proof that they were the legitimate owners of the business and should be allowed to make the changes.

Why was it so difficult for some? Because they had let the consultant handle everything: Registering their website name, designing their website, setting up their emails, etc. And, he never shared the account and password information with the clients. In many cases he even registered services in his own name!

Whether it’s a situation like that, or perhaps the future of the firm that handles your computer support is uncertain, you always want to be sure you have the ultimate control over all your IT resources, in-house and out.

Evan Standish is sales manager for OnDeck Systems, which has been providing technology consulting, sales and implementation to North Island businesses for over 20 years. He can be reached at 250.334.0638 or at evan@ondecksystems.ca

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