Jennifer Daffurn, Septen Financial Ltd

Jennifer Daffurn, Septen Financial Ltd

Banks are good at making money. Unfortunately for you, they make their money by getting you to spend it. Last year the six largest banks earned a whopping $34.88 billion in combined net income and raised service fees for their customers at the same time.

Being an independent advisor allows me the freedom to offer my clients the best investment options available. I am not tied to the cookie-cutter packages that the banks offer. I am able to tailor investment selections to suit each individual’s needs.  I have access to thousands of investment options from all banks and investment firms. When I worked at a bank, I was limited in my investment options, and was incentivized to choose some options over others.

As an independent advisor I have clients – not customers – and I choose to have fewer of them. As a result, I am able to form intimate relationships with my clients and allow myself the time to get to know them properly, not chase them out the door as soon as the next client walks in.

This extra time is important because, as an independent financial advisor, I am personally vested in my clients’ success. I work for my clients, not an individual financial organization. How well my clients’ investments perform affects how well I am paid. In other words, I am on the same ride as each and every one of my clients; if they do well, then so do I.

I can do all of this because I have the freedom to give unbiased advice. I am not paid better by any one company or firm and have no loyalties that affect the financial advice that I provide, nor am I forced to try to upsell you a service or product that you don’t need.

As an independent advisor, my advice comes from my professional expertise – not a marketing campaign. It’s given to benefit you directly.

Jennifer Daffurn is an independent Financial Advisor with Septen Financial Ltd. She can be reached at 250.914.4500 or jennifer.daffurn@septen.com.

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