candiceAs a business owner I would like to be remembered as a lighthouse shining my light on to those around me. That I lived my life with the opportunity to lead by example, was a mentor to many, inspired my employees to work hard and supported them in their personal lives too.  I would die with no regrets having lived every day to the fullest as a friend to many!

Candice Lowery



bobI am pretty easy when it comes to ways to die. Given that we live in the Comox Valley, statistically speaking I’m most likely to die from heart disease, stroke or cancer (although I was in a coma for a week when I was 15 and lived to tell the tale). As the Extreme Geek, I have gone Shark Cage Diving, Sky Diving, hiked through Africa, and am a Certified High Ropes Instructor. However, the likelihood of dying from these things is unfortunately extremely low. I think I would like to be remembered as someone that liked to have fun and truly enjoyed helping others.

Bob Wells, My Tech Guys




sheilaThat’s easy, I would never like to die. I would rather be taken to Heaven in the blink of an eye when Jesus returns. That is my hope for leaving this world. But if I must die on earth, then I would like to die comfortably and when it’s a good time for my family. I don’t want to leave my kids when they are young and need a mother. I would like to be the one who teaches my kids how to become happy healthy adults. And even better, I would like to live to see my kids get married and help them raise their own babies. That would be my dream for this life in this world.

Sheila Petersen



bethI’d like to be remembered as an organ donor! Death is an issue my husband and I have stared down lately and are lucky enough to have survived to fight another day – hopefully in the distant future. “Pay it Forward” for another family by registering your decision with BC Transplant. Grab your CareCard and a coffee and head to It takes less than 2 minutes to become a future hero. Organ donation saves lives.

Beth Campbell Duke,

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