Best – an umbrella.

Vickey Brown, Comox Valley Farmers’ Market Association 



The best promo product I have ever received is this little floppy grippy piece of rubber that showed up at my house in Victoria. It lives in the junk drawer with the rubber band ball and I use it ALL THE TIME to open jars. It’s the best thing ever!

The worst would probably be stress balls (they just get lost under the couch or eaten by the dog) or those annoying magnetic fridge notepads. Those are immediately relegated to the recycle bin.

Blair Brown, Inside Edge Business Gazette 



Very recently, I was “snail mailed” a wallet-sized calendar with text so small you couldn’t read it at all. Seriously? Who looks at wallet calendars anymore when you have your phone? In my humble opinion, it was a complete waste of marketing dollars for this company. To add insult to injury, they only printed on one side, so they missed a marketing opportunity on the flip side!

Terri Perrin, Terri Perrin INK 





I’ve received some really nice, high quality travel coffee mugs that I still use. On the other end of the spectrum, one company once gave me a set of miniature tools that you were supposed to keep in your glove box in case you have car trouble. But they were miniature and useless.[Text Wrapping Break]

Tasha Chorneyko, RP Copywriting 




Two words: branded condoms. Google it. You can decide if this is the best thing ever or the worst thing ever.

Darcy Lefebvre, RP Copywriting 



One that stands out is a pen from a restaurant that said “You just stole this pen from ___.” It was great because I grabbed it one day and I was wondering, “Where did I get this pen?” Then I looked at it, and sure enough I’d stolen it from that restaurant!”

Garth Spencer 





My boyfriend got a nice jacket with the #LiftComoxValley logo on it. It’s really awesome!

Lauren Dean (via Facebook) 




Congratulations Tasha Chorneyko – you’re the winner of a $10 gift card to Union Street Grill & Grotto in downtown Courtenay, just for responding to our Word on the Street! 


In honour of this issue’s question, everyone who submitted a response to our Word on the Street gets the best (or worst??) promotional product every created – a pair of cute, comfortable and oh-so coveted Business Gazette briefs! Because at the Business Gazette, we have your business covered! 


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